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Angela McCubbin was born in Western Australia, graduating University with a Business and Finance Degree. Her passion for understanding the power of the mind and its impact upon our health and happiness levels developed in her early twenties, shortly after the death of her father.

This passion led to an additional four years of post-graduate studies in Positive Psychology & Energy Healing Sciences in New York, USA. Her fourth year thesis was titled 'The Power of Belief' which examined phenomenon such as the placebo effect, spontaneous remissions and the potential for the mind to influence both our mental and physical health.

Angela has travelled extensively, living in Singapore, Europe and America for over twenty years. Her two daughters were born in Texas, USA, were raised in Munich, Germany and they all now reside in Australia.



Books by Angela McCubbin

The YAY! Mindset

The YAY! Mindset

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How can a simple shift in mindset create a profound shift in your life?

By cultivating an attitude of celebration and appreciation, it is possible to feel great, even when life is not great. Finding the peace that passes all understanding is fundamental to many spiritual philosophies, yet this is exactly what transpired when the authors began using the Yay! Mindset principles.