Christine Ackers

Education, Physical Education


Christine Ackers began training in The Alexander Technique with Walter Carrington at The Constructive Teaching Centre in 1966. She remained there post-graduation as an assistant until moving to Sydney in 1983 where there was a need for an experienced teacher to help establish F M Alexander’s teaching in the country of his birth.

Christine stayed on in Australia and has continued teaching and training students. Apart from working at the variety of unskilled jobs a young person takes to pay the rent, Christine has never done anything other than teach the Alexander Technique.

She currently assists on Simon Fitzgibbon’s training course which he conducts out of her premises in Sydney CBD.



Books by Christine Ackers

Life on Two Legs: thoughts on our precarious bipedalism

Life on Two Legs: thoughts on our precarious bipedalism

Amazon Angus & Robertson Booktopia Dymocks

A collection of essays on the Alexander Technique by a Sydney-based teacher of 50 years' experience. This book describes in everyday language how we develop the poor posture that causes self-induced back, neck and shoulder pain; and why restoring the body's natural support mechanisms both relieves and heals.