Bec Bennett

Fiction, LGBT, Lesbian, Young Adult


Bec Bennett grew up on the outskirts of Brisbane and knew from a very young age she wanted to be a storyteller. After spending most of her teenage years in front of the camera and on stage, she decided to move to Sydney and it was during this transformative time in her life that she decided to write this book. Bec lives her life by a very simple motto, “she is because she was” – an homage to this “experimental and terrifyingly exciting” time in her life which has made her who she is today.

These days Bec is a television writer, coffee enthusiast and mental illness/sexuality public speaker.



Books by Bec Bennett

Surviving Ivy

Surviving Ivy

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This unapologetically authentic coming of age story follows Ada Montgomery, a 22 year old ‘painfully ordinary’ student whose ‘perfectly planned’ world comes unstuck when she meets a smart talking, dangerously impulsive stranger named Ivy.

Call it fate. Call it the universe. Call it, God himself – there is no denying that some people walk into our lives for a reason – and Ivy is no exception. Surviving Ivy follows this phenomenon and the moments in our early 20s that frighten us, excite us and force us to look deeper within ourselves to truly understand who we are and what we want.