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Andy Otes

Andy Otes

genres: business, marketing

Andy Otes, author of 'Yes! You can write your own copy!' speaks from strength and long experience, during which his copy has created millions of dollars in sales.

His experience includes copywriting for major mainstream, direct marketing, business-to-business, industrial and sales promotion agencies and an increasing number of direct clients - for whom he initially prepared a shorter version of this book.

Before going out on his own 27 years ago, Andy was Creative Director in several agencies and has won awards for TV commercials, brochures and sales literature.

Preferring actual writing to endless meetings and directing creative teams, he became a freelancer in 1987.

Andy has written copy for countless websites, ads, brochures, press releases, special interest articles, manuals, e-books, CD booklets, commercials, corporate and training videos (directing many of them) - plus no end of of TV and radio commercials and jingles.

He is also a proficient ghost-writer and editor, well able to take on the persona of his clients. He has written successful pitches for a number of high profile agency and design studio creative directors, written their magazine articles and newsletters, ghost-written and edited books and e-books and helped screenwriters sort out their screenplays and TV scripts.

Andy writes long copy, short copy, funny copy, serious copy, simple copy, complex copy. His experience is broad and deep, especially in financial, business-to-business, commercial, industrial, technical, IT, agribusiness, sales promotion ... all the stuff out of the too-hard basket.

As you'll gather from the knowledge he shares in Yes! You can write your own copy!, Andy can work with any level of briefing from comprehensive to minimal ... in which case he can fill in most of the blanks himself and/or ask the right questions to ensure the job is done properly.

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Yes! You CAN write your own copy!

Yes! You CAN write your own copy!

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'YES! You can write your own copy!' is for people who can already think clearly and write reasonably well. It will help you write powerful, compelling web content, ads, brochure text, press releases, articles, books, manuals, commercials, corporate videos — you name it! Author Andy Otes speaks from strength and long experience, during which his copy has created millions of dollars in sales.






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