Nathan Kirk

Fiction; Biographical; City Life; Humorous / Black Humour; Crime


Nathan Kirk is a Sydney native who studied literature for a moment before swapping his allegiance to the dollar. He sold advertising badly, didn’t sell real estate at all and once owned a seafood business called “Prawnography.” He has spent most of his life lost in the dark world of nightclubs but saw the light and kissed decadence goodbye. He now splits his time between his beloved inner city and the tranquillity of the beach, with a girlfriend who could do better and a cavoodle who doesn’t know any better.



Books by Nathan Kirk

Pretty Lights: Inside Club Land

Pretty Lights: Inside Club Land

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Nathan Kirk is a fish out of water drowning in the dark. A memoir of nightclub life under a glittering mirror ball sky, with every cliché dialled up to eleven. Nathan is a voyeur to the sex, drugs and violence. It’s hedonism chaperoned by danger, in an absurdist play where nothing good happens after midnight.