Jacquelyn Ann

Memoir, Self help


As I write this, it is one year ago to the day, that I left that awful life behind. I first began writing about my experiences the first few weeks after I left. Sifting through old emails and text messages to try and put all my memories in some sort of order. It was only after advice from my psychologist, who told me that writing is a therapeutic way to process trauma, that I began to think about writing a memoir. The rest, so they say, is history. It isn’t easy to stand up in front of the whole world and talk about your truth. But if doing so can clear an easier path for others to do the same, then it is well worth it. I am now living peacefully in my hometown with my daughter. We have a new dog; a beautiful black whippet named Simba.



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From the Other Side: Everyone has a story they will never tell

From the Other Side: Everyone has a story they will never tell

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Jacquelyn Ann’s inspiring memoir takes the reader into the frightening world of drug addiction and domestic violence. Her story shows that even an educated woman with life experience can be caught within the insidious web of a psychopath. A captivating must-read for anyone who has ever lost hope.