Rebecca Pater

Fiction, Christian, Psychological


Rebecca Pater has dedicated her life to raising her two sons with her husband. She wrote her first novel 'You don’t bring me flowers anymore' when she was forty. “For several years the characters had been taking up space in my mind and I decided the only way to get rid of them was to write their story.” she said. Despite having never written a novel before, she wrote the first draft of Flowers in just three months. Rebecca surprised herself that she was able to complete a novel and that people loved reading it. Rebecca was born in New Zealand in 1973 and immigrated to Melbourne Australia with her family when she was fifteen. She married her husband at nineteen years old and had both sons by the age of twenty-six. They live on a small property outside of Melbourne. Also by this Author: “You don’t bring me flowers anymore” Westbow Press 2015



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The Collective

The Collective

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Jamie and Lauren invest in a business and the money starts rolling in. But when Steven the Prophet joins the group, the men begin to change. Jamie is sure he is becoming a better man, but Lauren sees that he is losing himself as Steven takes control of their lives. Can she get through to Jamie in time, or will he choose The Collective over her?