Kenny Mcilwain

Autobiography, True Crime


Kenny Mac is a husband, father, grandfather, artist, author, runner, cyclist, photographer and lover of life and nature in general. He is also a survivor of institutionalised sexual abuse. After 38 years of living with PTSD and trying to control his memories, a trigger in 2011 saw him change tack and begin fighting for acknowledgement and an apology from the Australian Defence Force. 'No Defence' is the story of what led to him being abused, and the ramifications of that throughout his life - and the lives of those around him.



Books by Kenny Mcilwain

No Defence: One Man’s Fight for Truth

No Defence: One Man’s Fight for Truth

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'No Defence' is the inspirational, heartfelt memoir of Kenny Mcilwain’s extraordinary courage to share his long-held secret of being sexually abused while serving as an apprentice in the Royal Australian Navy and his fight; for his own survival, the truth to be known, and to make those who so profoundly failed him accountable for their heinous and indefensible actions.