Nina Paine

Fiction, Family Life, Siblings, Action and Adventure


Sophie's Sister, Nina's debut novel, has recently won a Silver award in the 2020 Global Ebook Awards, Popular Literature Fiction category.

'What an awesome emotional & glorious book'
'Most enjoyable and thought provoking'
'The use of the dead twin as the narrator ... not only was an effective device but added a touch of mystique'
'A delightful, if at times quirky commentary on Australian society'
'The narration device is a brilliant concept'
'This is a book that certainly provokes a range of emotions in the reader and is well worth the experience'
'I thoroughly enjoyed every page'
'It's a great read, if you don't have your copy yet get one! The perfect antidote to social isolation'
'I loved it but read it slowly, not wanting it to finish'
'It is one of the best books of Australia I have read'
'Congratulations to you on an excellent debut novel'
'Just finished this brilliant book ... You write so beautifully Nina'
'I will be recommending it to friends'
'A beautifully written story'
'You really make the surroundings come to life'
'I'm in awe'
'So beautifully written!'
'I couldn't put the book down. It's too good a book not to be read by all'
'I was blown away by the storyline and the beautiful descriptions of the Australian countryside, it was as if I was there'
'An amazing story'
'The more I read, the more I wanted to read!'
'5 out of 5'
'You have written it so well it is easy to read, and a wonderfully imaginative idea'
'I absolutely loved it!'
'The story being narrated by a spirit being certainly captured my attention from the start and the study of human nature and all its foibles and complex relationships added a whole other dimension to Sophie's Sister'
'A fascinating read'
'Wonderfully evocative of central Australia'



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Sophie's Sister

Sophie's Sister

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*** Winner 2020 Global Ebook Awards ***
Silver in Popular Literature Fiction for Sophie’s Sister

Sophie doesn't know there's a dead girl in her head, and that the dead girl is her twin, Georgia.

When a 'sliding doors' moment unfolds, and Sophie has the chance to embark on a road trip, to see some of this awesome country, she turns it down. But Georgia decides to go, and learns more about life than she anticipated.