Franklin Hynes

Juvenile fiction, Animal welfare


Franklin recently retired from Perth Zoo, Western Australia; where she worked with a team of enlightened vets, vet nurses, keepers and dedicated support staff. She has a deep love of animals and our beautiful planet that is sadly being trashed to death.

Franklin intends to spend her lifestyle change volunteering for animals, becoming a vet nurse and continuing her Conservation and Wildlife Biology degree at Murdoch University in Western Australia. She shares a house with a demanding furry gang and her best friend Noel Fenton, who encouraged her to write. Her first story is about a little donkey born into a life of hardship in Tanzania. All proceeds from this book will go directly to Animal Aid Abroad.



Books by Franklin Hynes

Nuru's Moment of Courage

Nuru's Moment of Courage


A little donkey called Nuru is born into a life of suffering in Tanzania. Her life is changed forever by an inspirational and courageous woman who makes a difference in this world and never gives up.