Adrian Callaghan

Fiction, Romance, Action & Adventure, Supernatural


Adrian Callaghan's career as a builder has taken him from the towns of the Central West to many of the cities and towns along the east coast of Australia. He has also worked as a musician, playing in bands, duos and as a solo artist. A keen outdoorsman and fisherman, he spends time camping or swagging it in the shearing sheds of the west, the New England ranges, and at the beaches and lakes along the eastern seaboard. He has developed a strong admiration for the uniqueness, resilience and humour of the Australian 'character', and a love of the land and its amazing waterways.

Adrian lives with his wife of 28 years, their two children and two dogs. He believes that handshake deals are meant to be kept, good values are good for the soul and beer should be cold.

A long-time dabbler in bush poetry, this is Adrian's first foray into the world of novel writing.



Books by Adrian Callaghan

Strange About the River

Strange About the River

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A murdered girl; a cop railroaded. Alone, he stumbles deeper into a web of sex and drugs. Ancient power meets modern corruption. Three unlikely heroes appear: a madman, a loyal dog and a hazy Elder. Hitmen, drug dealers, a disgraced cop, a damaged beauty, a lost soul and ageless strangers gather for a final showdown.