Robyn L Bradley


Robyn was a Reading Recovery and Support Teacher. Along the way she completed post graduate Education degrees in Language and Literacy and in Children's Literature. Now retired, she home schools one of her grandchildren and writes reading programs for children with dyslexia.

She lives in Wollongong NSW with her husband Brad. They have four sons and a foster daughter, all of whom have kindly provided them with grandchildren. With her husband she manages the local tennis courts, puppy-raises for Guide Dogs NSW, travels near and far, mostly in their caravan enjoying God's creation, and is actively involved in the life of their church. She enjoys family time, friendships, reading, crochet, mentoring, walking, cycling and tennis.

This is her first foray into book writing. Prior to this, she wrote feature articles for NSW Department of Education and local special focus publications.



Books by Robyn L Bradley

My Times Are In His Hands

My Times Are In His Hands

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Over 365 Bible devotions to challenge and inspire people in their daily walk with God. From the life experiences of Christians, these devotions take you through the highs and lows of Christian living. They encourage you to trust in a mighty God who offers an eternal hope and the secret of contentment, for our times are in his hands.