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Jen Chambers

Jen Chambers

genres: young adult fiction, adventure

Jen Chambers was born in another century, in Grantham, UK.

Grantham is famous for:
1. Isaac Newton
2. having the first female policewoman in England
3. having one of the only remaining chained book libraries in the world
4. being Margaret Thatcher's birthplace and, of course,
5. Jen.

After a shaky start to life involving a war, adoption, a children's home and a long journey overseas, which meant leaving school behind, Jen worked in factories, dental surgeries and dog kennels.

Later she worked as a jillaroo in the Australian outback and as a governess near West Wyalong, where she actually had an old school building to 'teach' in. Her story "A schoolday in every way but normal" was actually inspired by her experiences in that old Victorian schoolhouse.

Jen even drove a truck for a while. And after she ran out of jobs she decided to become a teacher.

She's been teaching on and off, here and there and this and that now for about 30 years.

And she's been writing ever since she could crawl over and 'write' on misted up window-panes on cold winter days.

Jen has quite a few stories that have brilliant beginnings but that are just waiting for the Story Fixer to work on.

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