Wendy Laing

Fiction, Mystery and Detective, Women Sleuths, Amateur Sleuth, Cosy Mystery, Police Procedural


Wendy Laing is an Australian writer who lives in Deloraine, a small town on the island state of Tasmania.

She is the President of the Society of Women Writers Tasmania and also runs a writers group in Deloraine. She has also written articles for the Launceston Examiner and the Meander Valley Gazette, as well as written and presented sixteen half-hour programs for the local radio on the Meander Valley during the 1800s.   Wendy has previously published poetry in Word Weavers and short stories in magazines such as the SWWT Stylus and Newsy News.

'A Deadly Manor' is her third novel and is book two of the 'Dimpy Gruar Murder Mysteries series.  She is at present writing a third Dimpy Gruar mystery.

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Books by Wendy Laing

A Deadly Manor

A Deadly Manor

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Margaret, 'Dimpy' Gruar resides in the Mountain View Residential Manor at Kinross. In 'A Deadly Manor', the second in the Dimpy Gruar mystery series, Dimpy discovers the body of a naked man floating in their brand new swimming pool. An autopsy reveals he not only drowned but had been bitten by a snake.

The death and near death of two more residents of the Manor by snake bite has Dimpy on high alert. Why have snakes begun to appear in and around the Manor? Why has her neighbour, Professor Green, become a recluse? Is a friend's daughter abusing her mother? On a day trip up the mountain to the Devil's Gullet, had the car brakes been tampered with? As well as solving the snake and brake mysteries, Dimpy is devastated when a deliberately lit fire destroys her apartment. It's obvious someone is attempting to murder her, but who, and why.

A Manor of Murder

A Manor of Murder

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Sudden deaths and strange accidents have been occurring at the Mountain View Residential Manor in Kinross, a small town in Northern Tasmania. Sergeant Plate believes that because of the residents' advanced years and dependence on medication these are not unusual occurrences.

However, Dimpy Gruar, a sprightly but clumsy seventy-plus lady, and her friends, Judith Milner and Ronni Goodman, are convinced there is a murderer living in the Manor. Although she is trying to get her novella written, Dimpy is determined to reveal the identity of the killer and sets out to investigate ... before she, too, becomes a victim.

Memoirs of an Arresting Woman

Memoirs of an Arresting Woman

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At the police headquarters in Darwin, Constable Laurie McKenzie learns she is the only female officer in the Northern Territory Police Force. She is transferred to the town of Rabbit Creek, where she deals with murders, a paedophile, a wife-beater and crocodile poachers, all whilst striving to earn the respect of the town and her male colleagues.