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Roger Mendelson's entrepreneurial spirit revealed itself after completing a law degree and spending six months working in the taxation group of a large, national accounting firm. He purchased a law practice which he and a partner soon built up to six offices and 80 staff. Roger established Prushka Fast Debt Recovery in 1977. It now employs more than 200 people, is debt-free, and funds all growth from cash flow. Roger's business acumen and straightforward advice has led to him becoming a sought-after media spokesperson and he is featured in more than 200 newspaper and magazine articles each year.



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Eliyahu's Mistress

Eliyahu's Mistress

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Francis, early fifties, single, spiritually Catholic, happy and balanced. Her life changes when she meets Steven, younger, married, urbane, Jewish. This is the story of her journey. It unfolds slowly and easily. Her sexuality becomes awakened and we get to know them both as their relationship develops and then leads to a climactic and redemptive ending.