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Greg Clancy

Greg Clancy

genres: crime, drama, international politics

Greg Clancy has written books on Indonesian history, the Asian economies, multiculturalism and people smuggling. In his new book, The People Trafficker, Greg has used features from all four books to create a fictional plot enhanced by the realism of how people smugglers and traffickers operate, and the successful methods they use against Western governments.

Greg's interest in Asian history, culture and modern social development commenced in primary school and this has formed an underlying impact on his writing. He has resided in Sydney all his life and now, by a relocation coincidence, has returned to the area of his old primary school.

Books by Greg Clancy

The People Trafficker

The People Trafficker

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The People Trafficker offers a unique insight into the dark world of a business that seemingly functions under the protection of political, commercial and personal financial interests. From Bangkok to England, from Hong Kong to Australia and Cambodia, the revelations are extraordinary. The characters are fictional, but their systems and organisational schemes are real.






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