Karen Buckeridge

Fantasy Fiction, Myth and Legend


Karen is a local from North Queensland, growing up amidst sugar cane and the Whitsunday Islands. Of those two, the islands stole her heart and she went into the scuba industry at a young age. Even then, she spent time wondering what it would be like to push the boundaries of normality - living permanently below the waves and only visiting the surface. Aquaman was one of her favourite comic book characters at that time. (A water-breathing/air-breathing ranged mind-bender who looks perfectly normal? Yes, please!) The cyclones of the early 90's messed up several years of diving, so she returned to the shore to make a living, where she met her husband in the manufacturing industry. Twenty-five plus years and three children later, they are still together. Only one daughter is still at home - The other two having grown up and moved on with families of their own.