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Karen Buckeridge

Karen Buckeridge

genres: Fantasy Fiction, Myth and Legend

Karen is a local from North Queensland, growing up amidst sugar cane and the Whitsunday Islands. Of those two, the islands stole her heart and she went into the scuba industry at a young age. Even then, she spent time wondering what it would be like to push the boundaries of normality - living permanently below the waves and only visiting the surface. Aquaman was one of her favourite comic book characters at that time. (A water-breathing/air-breathing ranged mind-bender who looks perfectly normal? Yes, please!)

The cyclones of the early 90's messed up several years of diving, so she returned to the shore to make a living, where she met her husband in the manufacturing industry.

Twenty-five plus years and three children later, they are still together. Only one daughter is still at home - The other two having grown up and moved on with families of their own.

Books by Karen Buckeridge

Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind

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*** Bronze Medal Winner ***
Fantasy/Other World
2019 Global Ebook Awards

In a place where all gods and demons co-exist, Avis, Mystal’s supreme god, must dig deep if he is to remove himself, his wife and their two children from the clutches of Hell.

Not an easy thing to do, when the ruling pantheon of Hell is his own accursed in-laws who despise everything about him; with good reason.






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