Troy Adami

Fiction, Crime, Thriller


Troy Adami currently resides in South Australia. He has a B.A (English) from the University of Adelaide in addition to completing an online course in fiction writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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The Thin Blue Sliver

The Thin Blue Sliver

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"A delicious helping of contemporary noir from an exciting newcomer to the genre. Fans of hardboiled crime fiction legends Dennis Lehane, Jo Nesbo and Raymond Chandler will love The Thin Blue Sliver." -

John Moss is a former police detective whose life has gone into a spiraling decline. Upon discovering his ex-girlfriend’s husband owes money to a member of a notorious crime family, John re-enters a world he thought he had left behind. As his past catches up to his present, John must decide if he’s willing to sacrifice his life for an innocent life. Is that life innocent? The wild journey begins …