Les Pobjie

Crime, Humorous


As editor of community newspapers, Les Pobjie won several awards for best newspaper in Australia. Through his career he has also been a photographer, reporter and sub-editor on metropolitan, provincial and local newspapers. He began as sole reporter and advertising rep on the Western Times in Charleville, Queensland. He moved on to work on newspapers in Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Now retired, he has written two books of horror short stories, Murmurs in the Night and More Murmurs in the Night.

He lives in Sydney with his wife Helen. They have four adult children.



Books by Les Pobjie

Local Rag Hero

Local Rag Hero

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Nick arrives in Oakbury after a reporter's job but mishaps on the bus and later dash his hopes. He endures hoaxes, burning pub, explosive sausage and being shot, while balancing relationships with colleagues. A masked gunman shakes the town and threatens Nick's life. Will he survive long enough to discover who's behind the cartoon masks?