Lachlan Donehue

Historical Fiction, World Literature, Australia


Lachlan is a writer and teacher who grew up in Melbourne and western Victoria, has worked across Australia in diversely fascinating settings, and has the privilege of working in the most wonderful of galleries.

He and his wife have three children, and a small menagerie of entertainingly interesting animals. Lachlan is a Christian who enjoys literature, art, body-boarding and Australian Rules Football.

Lachlan is also the author of A Kind Providence.



Books by Lachlan Donehue

Year of Days: Summer

Year of Days: Summer

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Year of Days : Summer draws and describes the timescapes which are the contradictions of Australia. Our seasons are harsh and extreme, yet supporting a community increasingly and unconsciously reflecting on its past to create a stronger present.

Blesséd 1431-1918: A novel of the Great War

Blesséd 1431-1918: A novel of the Great War

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In England and France, in the dark early months of 1918, a young Australian soldier encounters remarkable women from widely different places on the arc of time. Traumatised by years of relentless savagery and injury, he finds himself facing hope and eternity with courage, tragic force, profound closeness and sacrificial trust in ultimate grace.