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Steve Knox

Steve Knox

genres: Personal growth, Leadership, Self-help

Steve Knox is an expert on Leadership and Team Culture. Through assessment, coaching and consulting, Steve has impacted over 300+ organisations and 250,000+ people over the past 15 years. They include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations throughout the world.

As a facilitator, Steve has the rare ability to engage and equip an audience with powerful insights and practical tools for creating lasting change and providing individuals with a better way to live and work.

He holds an MA in Entrepreneurial Leadership and is the author of two books, including The Asymmetrical Leader: Embrace Your Weaknesses, Unleash Your Strengths. In 2017, Steve co-founded imprint—the world's simplest personality assessment tool. To date, 10,000+ individuals have been assessed, and 50,000+ have experienced imprint online.

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Books by Steve Knox

Smooth Running Weird: Punchy Wisdom for Everyday Life

Smooth Running Weird: Punchy Wisdom for Everyday Life

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Life is strange. Surprising. And, challenging at the very best of times. This little book is a collection of daily readings to help you navigate the twists and turns of life with courage, wisdom and a bit of personal swagger. Think of it like a cup of coffee for your soul mixed with a loving punch in the face.

No matter where you’re at in life, this book will help you rethink how to make the most of today. I’ve picked 66 different topics to tackle in hopes of shedding a bit of light on:

- How to increase your EQ and likability.
- How and why self-awareness is the key to personal happiness and fulfillment.
- Why the future belongs to storytellers and how you can better know and share yours.
- How to overcome fear and design a life you’ll love waking up to.
- And, heaps more daily readings on life, wisdom, courage, confidence and personal productivity.

Life can beat you up and burn you out, if you let it. This book will give you a daily spark of hope to make the most of it.

Confidence: The Science & Art of Self-Belief

Confidence: The Science & Art of Self-Belief

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Confidence: The Science & Art of Self-Belief is a simple daily guide for developing confidence in your everyday life. This book is about transforming your life from the inside out and includes a ThirtyOne day meditation to achieve change.






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