Sherozina Sharma

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Hi there, I am Sherozina. I am a young and free-spirited girl who loves everything about Life. I love God (anyone who knows me, knows that), I love my job (on most days at least), my city, my home and even my tiny, red, Toyota Yaris that has a big scratch on its side (oops!). I absolutely adore my family and I have many incredible friends who are so precious to me. Yes, growing up I was that little girl who found her joy in chasing butterflies and picking wild flowers (you may have rolled your eyes but my dad thought it was cute!) and I cannot deny that my love for colour and anything that sparkles has only grown with the years (of course you think I'm talking about diamonds, which is not entirely wrong but more like the glistening rays of sunrise and a sky full of stars is what I mean). Surely, that is a big part of who I am. But, I undoubtedly have an appreciation for the reality of life and hard days; an understanding that was birthed from personal experience but one that has developed each day; through my job. I am an Emergency doctor; I help save lives for a living and a lot of times, I see people die. I look around and I see a lot of adversity; brokenness, failure, hurting relationships and much more. I then look within and I see that I get it, I have been there too...haven't we all?! It's all a part of this thing called life which we try to hold onto with everything that we have. My (and my family's) only hope in writing this book is that it would encourage one other person (and hopefully a lot more) who is in the midst of a storm like I once was. Being open and truly vulnerable is not in any way easy or glamorous - trust me - you will know what I mean as you turn the following pages...I have chosen not to talk about just the wonder, the beauty or the magic moments but be real about the ashes, the mess and the life changing moments....and perhaps, the real depth of life lies in the perfect blend of those two very different themes. I wish you a rich, meaningful and wonderful life. Sherozina



Books by Sherozina Sharma

Straightened Toes

Straightened Toes

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As a young girl, Sherozina never imagined her journey to becoming a doctor would involve being a patient first; a cancer patient, more than ten thousand kilometres away from home and family. Where she saw a dead end, He was building a new beginning. While she looked back at yesterday, He was composing a new journey.