Paul Richards

Memoir, Self-help, Mental health


Paul Richards has published his first book, a tell-all about the difficulties achieving justice after being abused as a child. This is a must read as a warning for all parents or as a starting point on the road to recovery for anyone who has been subject to abuse. It is about personal growth and being the best you can be, regardless of the events of your past.

Paul lives and works in NY as a freelance consultant enjoying the art and culture of the Big Apple.



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Living Without Justice: Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Living Without Justice: Overcoming Sexual Abuse

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Paul Richards was sexually abused at 13. He needed to be protected from Jim Andrews. He was helpless. Thirty years later Paul tries to unravel the past, survive and prepare for his future. Paul goes to extraordinary lengths to free himself from the shadow of abuse. Along the way he forgives his parents and himself to figure out who he really is.