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Samantha Stevenson

Samantha Stevenson

genres: Dystopian, Conspiracy, Fiction

Samantha is over-ambitious, always curious, and lives with her head in the clouds. She would love to speak every language, be a master of music and know all about what makes humans tick. But time is limited to 24 hours a day, so most of her time is spent on what she loves most—books. Writing them, formatting them, reading them and best of all, getting lost in them.

Samantha grew up in Australia, moving between New South Wales and Queensland as a child. Now, she lives in a town in NSW surrounded by gorgeous bushland, and hopes to one day live somewhere even more beautiful, with more trees and fewer people.

Books by Samantha Stevenson

The Orphan Law

The Orphan Law

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The year is 2086. When a government official came to take Heather’s parents away, she didn’t understand why. Nobody did. The Australian Government had buried their reasons under a decades-old conspiracy. Anyone who knew too much about it vanished, and some questions were never answered honestly. Even so, Heather and her friends were determined to know the truth.






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