John Ross

crime, humour, mystery


John Ross spent his younger years on rural properties in Queensland and New South Wales and was working towards a career in that area when his parents moved to the city. He joined Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) in 1969 and spent the next 31 years in the airline industry, holding management positions in Air Cargo, Airport Management and State and Commercial Management. Retirement in 2000 saw a move to the beautiful Blue Mountains in New South Wales where he and his wife have a house and a large cool climate garden. Their three children and six grandchildren visit often, especially in winter to enjoy the odd snow fall. In 2010 John was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and not given a great chance of survival. However, after seven rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant from his eldest son, he is in remission. This has changed his outlook on life and he now concentrates on doing the things he enjoys: writing, gardening and spending time with family and friends. John's blog site is and here you will find links to his other works and blogs.



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My Patch: the life of Reginald Smithers, a village policeman.

My Patch: the life of Reginald Smithers, a village policeman.

Kindle Smashwords

These short stories relate the experiences of Reginald Smithers, a policeman in the small English village of Stackfort on Humber in the first half of the 20th century. They cover his life, from his first appointment as a young constable, his promotion to sergeant through to his retirement and reveal the sometimes humorous, but always interesting, aspects of his life and the lives of his friends.