David Schaeffer

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Ok David Schaeffer is the director of High Endeavours; a lead coach with 'Design a Decade', author of the popular book Grieve Upwards and his new book Stress Less Live More. He has carried various leadership roles at local, state and national levels and specialises in the key areas of relationships, self leadership, self awareness, recovery from loss and stress minimisation. David is married to Tuula and between them they have four children, 11 grandchildren and an extended family as dear to them as their blood relatives. David conducts workshops and seminars related to his specialist skill areas, and also encourages readers to investigate the benefits of a coaching relationship. Life can be tough enough without going it alone!



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Stress Less, Live More: Everyday Stress, Everyday Solutions

Stress Less, Live More: Everyday Stress, Everyday Solutions

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David writes this book from his discovery and recovery experiences. He uncovers three kinds of stress. The stress we choose, the stress that chooses us and everyday, unnecessary stress. He uses the tragedy of the 1998 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race as a backdrop for many important things we all need to learn.