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Donna Gibbs

Donna Gibbs

genres: Children's fiction

Donna Gibbs is an author, editor and educator. The written word has always been at the heart of her world. She has been involved with reading, writing, teaching and talking about books for as far back as she can remember. A particular passion is picture books with their magical combination of word and image.

Her publications are held in libraries and educational institutions around the world. She has written on topics as diverse as Elizabethan love poetry, children’s literature, film and cyberculture. Her co-edited book Cyberlines: Languages and Cultures of the Internet has sold in more than twenty countries. A full list of publications is on her website (

She retired from her role as an Associate Professor at Macquarie University in 2006 to continue as a freelance writer. Since then she has written many books for teachers and students in the areas of history, grammar, comprehension and language skills. She has also self-published several works of poetry and fiction for children.

Her latest book, When the Cat’s Away, is illustrated by Lionel King. He is a scientist and senior executive who began his art practice while on a posting in Paris in 2010. In the perfect city for drawing, he developed a keen interest in sketching the beautiful buildings of the City of Light. With regular work-related travel, Lionel soon found himself sketching in airports, restaurants and parks around the world as a creative counterpoint to his demanding day job.

On returning to his hometown of Sydney, a chance encounter introduced Lionel to the global Urban Sketchers community. When travelling, Lionel now seeks out local Urban Sketchers groups and has drawn with Urban Sketchers in cities throughout Asia, Europe and America. His collaboration with Donna is his first foray into children’s book illustration.

Donna regularly reads to pre-schoolers as a volunteer at a local kindergarten. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, Tony.






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