Kirk Holst

Psychology, Ecology, Evolution, Faith


Kirk Holst was born in Sydney, Australia, 1948. Trained as a Qantas gas turbine engineer on Boeing 707 jet engines, he eventually left Qantas in 1975 to start his own successful small business, now owned and operated by his son.

Kirk has been researching the New Age and New Thought movements for more than 30 years, has been a member of the Swedenborg Association since 1997 and attained his Masters in Social Ecology at Western Sydney University in 2006.

Now a self-funded retiree, Kirk is sharing the findings and conclusions of his research in Evolve - his message of hope and transformation that has personally led him to a life of health, happiness, wealth and understanding.



Books by Kirk Holst

Evolve: The Ecology of Life and Mind

Evolve: The Ecology of Life and Mind

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We live in extraordinary times. The world is fast becoming hot, flat and crowded. The central theme of this book is the need to Evolve. Drawing on the discoveries of Swedish scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg plus thirty years of his own research, author and social ecologist Kirk Holst proposes that we need a spiritual revolution to save ourselves and our planet.