Simon Carroll

Juvenile fiction, Humour


The author Simon Carroll is a writer and performer who loves to entertain and educate through a variety of mediums. He is delighted to share this series of exaggerated events, inspired by some of his own childhood experiences. Simon is delighted to be working with the fabulously talented young illustrator and artist, Molly Hutchinson, on this fun and exciting project.



Books by Simon Carroll

Stop Doing That!

Stop Doing That!


A simple rub, scratch, squeeze or pick can feel great at the time but when those around you try to tell you that you're taking things too far, you should listen to their warnings. See the grossly exaggerated consequences of some commonly frowned upon behaviors in Stop Doing That! - a hilarious book designed to entertain beginning readers at a variety of ages who will undoubtedly have committed at least one, if not all of the socially questionable actions portrayed in this book. What's that? Oh, you haven't! No, no, I believe you, forget I ever mentioned it and just sit back and enjoy this book about what other people might be gross enough to have done. Ha ha ha!