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Meridith McKinnon

Meridith McKinnon

genres: Thriller, Suspense, Politics, Social issues

My Dad bought me my first type writer when I was about 14! It was yellow in a portable case! Is that showing my age!! Moving onto computers I guess those typing skills stood me well - just needed to add the IT knowledge. Studying has always been part of my life which has now evolved into writing. I have a strong interest in language and cultural difference with a good grasp of Thai and although I have studied Korean at Yonsei University in Seoul, my Korean isn't so proficient!

I live in the most southern part of Australia's mainland on a property with my husband and often two children when they are not working or travelling overseas. I work with new arrivals to Australia and believe that cultural understanding is important no matter how remote our lives are from cultural difference. I advocate for peace in Burma where persecuted minorities continue to struggle for a safe existence.

When I am not writing I love the outdoors, travelling often and crochet! I am currently researching and preparing my next novel.

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