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Benjamin Patterson

Benjamin Patterson

genres: Medieval fantasy

Benjamin Patterson lives in North Queensland, Australia with his wife and four children. When not writing, working or volunteering he’s battling a life-controlling addiction to sport, an addiction that his poor wife has discovered is easily passed from father to sons.

The Shadow of His Hand is Benjamin’s first novel, a story he started telling more than ten years before its publication. He gave up on the book many times – literally every time he went back and read what he had written so far - but after much encouragement from friends and family he finally got it done... and the reviews are rave!

Books by Benjamin Patterson

The Shadow of His Hand: Book One of the Markulian Prophecies

The Shadow of His Hand: Book One of the Markulian Prophecies

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For centuries the oft forgotten Unseen God has seemed distant and uncaring, but when the Realm is threatened by the all-conquering armies from Jerika, an ancient oracle is triggered. Now this foretelling is the only hope of salvation and its fulfilment lies in the trembling hands of a reluctant soldier, a princess and an infant marked by prophecy.






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