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Simon Harding

Simon Harding

genres: fantasy

A good book is something that immerses you completely. It should scream at you from your bedside table and chastise you for not paying it enough attention.

A great writer can set you free, make you feel good about the world. They can make you laugh and cry. They can take you to places you don't expect. Great writing is, in itself, magic.

Books by Simon Harding

Enduring Tide

Enduring Tide

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For eight hundred years it has fought tragedy. Against all odds, it has survived. Enduring Tide is the final chapter in the story of a love so strong, it refuses to die.

Ancient Tide

Ancient Tide

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For eight centuries, the lovers have battled fate. Without fail, they have met with tragedy. Now is the turn of James & Lauren. Will they be first to unlock their destiny, or are they yet another wave in fate's merciless tide? Ancient Tide is an intense and riveting read; a tale told over centuries. The story of love and loss, hope and despair.




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