Liam Higham

Comedy, Satire


Living in a small town with friends and internet being an hour away (the horror!), Liam Higham spent his formative years developing a passion for reading. He'll even boast how he read the Harry Potter books over twenty times. Naturally, this passion developed into a taste for writing. His taste in genres remains eclectic (ooh, fancy word), though there is a special place for JK, Stephen King, Philip Pullman, superheroes and absurdist comedy in his heart. He has an interest in psychology, but does he use that to try and describe the intricate minutia of human behaviour? No. Instead he turns juvenile jokes into novels.



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In order to retrieve his stolen trolley, Hobart Mann transforms into Australia's first superhero. On the way, he encounters villains such as Hi-Viz and Wiener Munch, takes down the mafia, blows up the Uptown police station, and prevents the Devil from obtaining a 51% share of Heaven. All this in a day's work for your friendly neighbourhood Hoboman.