Anna Perdriau

Business, Public Speaking, Communication


Anna Perdriau MBA works wonders with your presentation and your speaking style. Anna specialises in bringing out the magic in your public speaking so that you can connect with, and create change in your audience. As a result you save time, money and reduce stress with your speaking.

Anna is obsessed with helping people to connect with and create change in their audience through public speaking. Anna has delivered hundreds of speeches to live audiences. As a keen student of speaking, she has attended the world championship of public speaking five years in a row in the USA and Malaysia. Anna has travelled across the USA to see and be trained by some of the best speakers in the world - the National Speakers Association.

Anna has earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Australia International School of Business and a Bachelor of Communications from Griffith University. Anna held significant responsibility as a Project Director in the Australian Government where at the height of her career, she was the youngest civilian female to manage a billion dollar acquisition program.

Anna is the membership manager for Professional Speakers Australia NSW.



Books by Anna Perdriau

Speaking to Hearts and Minds: Public Speaking to engage, energise and elevate for Government and Corporate Executives

Speaking to Hearts and Minds: Public Speaking to engage, energise and elevate for Government and Corporate Executives


Would you like to be more engaging as a public speaker? Joe would. Joe has been a senior executive for more than twenty years. Joe assumes he is a capable public speaker, but then again, Joe may be comfortable to stand in front of people and speak, but sadly his audience doesn't find Joe to be as exciting as he could be. Joe's presentation skills could do with a makeover. What about yours? Historically, public speaking was approached in a manner that tapped into the logical, left brain in our audience focused on information, data and statistics. To truly connect with and create change in your audience, Anna believes you also need to appeal to the heart, through right brain emotional connection. You can do this by using a series of techniques to: ENGAGE - your audience by connecting - before you speak; ENERGISE - your audience through possibility - be a change agent; and ELEVATE - your audience to new heights - be part of something bigger. The best news is that when you place the focus on your audience through engagement methods, it takes the focus away from you! Anna Perdriau Speaking to hearts and minds is the book that can lift your speaking to new interactive heights. When it comes to public speaking, Anna says: Let's ban boring, forge through fear and have FUN.