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Maureen A. Worthen

Maureen A. Worthen

genres: Poetry

Maureen refers to herself as an accidental poet after writing her first poem quite unintentionally. As more poems followed, she found that writing in verse proved both a powerful, self-defining experience and a perfect consolatory outlet for her thoughts and emotions. The inspiration for Maureen's poetry is drawn primarily from her personal perspective on love, life and the universe, and her deep appreciation of the natural environment.

Maureen lives with her husband on the north-west coast of Tasmania, an island state of Australia, where they have happily called home for several years. Maureen's emotional connection to this small, pristine island and its wealth of natural beauty, is reflected in many of her poems. One such poem is the anthropomorphic love poem, 'Soul Mate'. Also an avid tai chi practitioner, this profound, healing art has been Maureen's mainstay in life for many years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise through teaching within the local community.

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