BJ Compton

psychological, military fiction


Now living in the Hawkesbury area, half a world away from the northern town of England where he was raised. Having completed his nurse training, the wanderlust bug bit him hard. Deciding to hitch hike from the east coast to west coast of Canada, then buying an old VW Beetle and driving through the USA to Mexico. This wasn't enough to fill his appetite so he volunteered to work in Southern Chile for several months with Raleigh International, an organisation that gives underprivileged kids the chance to develop life skills. Still wanting to see more of the beautiful planet, he joined the military. While sitting somewhere in the desert area of Oman, on September 11th, 2001, the world simply changed. Ten years on, and one too many deployments under his belt, he was diagnosed with chronic PTSD. Having come through the other side of what seemed like a long dark tunnel, he can only thank his loving wife, two children and three furry friends for being by his side. An accidental author is now how he describes himself. Using words in an attempt to take control of his own personal demons, has led to the writing of "Black Dog Singing in the Dead of Night".



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Black Dog Singing in the Dead of Night

Black Dog Singing in the Dead of Night

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The puppy was given to Doc as a gift, happy to follow the army medic, wherever he went. From the jungles of Sierra Leone, to urban warfare in the Middle East, and the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami, the dog was always there. On returning home, Doc is diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, with most of his strange traits put down to the illness. The black dog knows differently.