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Piggy Trotters

genres: children's books, adventures, animals

Piggy Trotters had a long career in the corporate world at senior levels. He holds six degrees (yes 6) ranging from finance and business administration to counter-terrorism and international security. Piggy is a long time reader of Australian history, military history, terrorism and counter-terrorism. As part of his Masters degree in counter-terrorism at Macquarie University, Piggy wrote an extensive paper on the financing of terrorism.

Now retired, the child within Piggy is no longer restrained and has been unleashed with a vengeance. The concept of the book “Thir Franthith Thnake (an unauthorithed biography)” commenced with an idea from Piggy’s brother, Porky Trotters, some decades ago. That early idea has been expanded upon in more recent times by Piggy to create this complete story. If nothing else, it represents many hours of fun in putting it together and engaging others to participate in the process. Three cheers for Inma, the illustrator!

Books by Piggy Trotters

Thir Franthith Thnake: An Unauthorithed Biography

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