Who can publish with IndieMosh?

Australian writers and authors can self publish their book with IndieMosh. You will need an Australian address and bank account.

You need a manuscript that’s ready to go, and you will need to own the rights to that manuscript. If your book has been previously published in the ‘traditional’ manner (i.e. by a publisher who paid all the costs and took all the risk) then we recommend getting something in writing from them confirming that the rights have now reverted to you before you put time, effort and money into re-releasing your book as a self-published item.

Who owns the copyright in my book if I publish with IndieMosh?

You retain the rights to your book. We are simply helping you get it out there by doing the back end work for you and listing it on our account. We collect the royalties on your behalf and then pay them over, minus expenses such as US Withholding tax, GST, bank charges and a small commission/accounting fee.

You may withdraw your book from our service at any stage.

However, the files we create are for specific providers such as Ingram, Amazon and Smashwords and are not suitable for use with any services other than the Ingram, Amazon and Smashwords distribution chains. If you require your book to be formatted for local printing or for download as an ebook from your own website then these formatting options will incur an additional expense.

Please also note that if you publish using our MoshPit Publishing ISBNs, then we own those particular files and will remove our branding, ISBNs and barcodes from all files prior to returning them to you.

Do I have to pay for my book before it’s published?

Yes, you do have to pay for your package items in advance.

Yes, you do have to pay for your publishing package in advance. We don’t publish with the aim of making a profit on your sales (we return to our authors 85% of the net sales revenue which lands in our bank account), so we have to cover our production expenses (including salaries, software licenses, publishing costs) as we go.

However, we do offer the option of a 50% deposit to get work started, with the balance payable just prior to when we order you a printed proof.

How long does it take to publish my book after submitting?

This depends on a few factors:

  • the type of book you’re publishing (ebook, print, colour, etc)
  • whether you already have your cover or you commission us or someone else to design it
  • how quickly you respond to our emails
  • how busy we are!

We aim to release all ebooks under or Coral Ebook Only package within a fortnight of payment.

When it comes to a print book, the average time between payment and receipt of first proof copy is three to eight weeks under our Blue Combo or Red Print Only packages. If you have purchased a Blue Combo, Green for Go It Alone or Parkour Press Platinum Full Service package, then we focus on the print book first. Once we know the print book is correct, we create and release the ebook.

Services such as editing, proofreading and cover design take place outside of the above time-frames.

We’ll keep you updated the whole way via email.

What are the rules for formatting my ebook cover?

  • Your cover needs to be a JPEG image, not a PDF, PNG or any other type of file.
  • To comply with Apple and Amazon, the two bigger ebook retailers, it should be formatted and saved in RGB colours (not CMYK) and measure at least 1600 pixels high, at least 1000 pixels wide, and preferably with a height to width ratio of one to six (1:1.6).
  • Our recommended size is 2500 pixels high and 1563 pixels wide.

What should I know about the internals file for my ebook?

First of all – the simpler the better.

When we receive your file, we will ‘nuke’ it, stripping out all the formatting, and then rebuild it from there to ensure that it’s as ‘clean’ as possible, so don’t stress yourself applying fancy fonts or designs – it’s just not worth it for an ebook!

Ebook fonts should be straightforward, plain fonts, and sized within 2pt. We format most ebooks as Times New Roman, with 12 point text and 14 point headings. This ensures a more consistent experience across devices and apps. And as most devices and apps have the ability to apply a font and size of the reader’s choosing, you want to keep it as clean as possible so that the reader has a ‘neat, tidy and predictable’ experience.

Ebooks don’t work with tabs, so we have to delete those.

We will do the best we can to walk a line between the style you would like and what we know will work most consistently across different devices and apps.

Do I have to have my book edited or proofread?

No, you don’t, but if we feel your book doesn’t reach a reasonable standard of spelling, punctuation and grammar, we will reject it for publishing.

While we are here to support the Australian indie author scene, we also believe that it is important that each author honour their readers with a book that is of as high a standard as possible. If you expect readers to invest in your book, then you need to invest in your book, too.

We recommend that you get your book copy edited, at least, prior to submitting it to us. While it is an added expense, it can be the difference between poor reviews which will result in minimal or no sales, or decent to good or even great reviews which will encourage more people to purchase it.

Please note:

  • If we reject your book, you will be given the option to have it changed and resubmit it, or withdraw it. If you withdraw it, we will retain $100 from the refund of your payment to cover our costs.
  • If you have your book proofread or copy edited after we have laid it out, we will invoice you at our current hourly rate for the time taken to incorporate any recommended changes.

I wish to publish under my own imprint. How many ISBNs will I need?

You will need up to four in total, depending on how many avenues of release your book will have:

  • one ISBN for the Ingram/Lightning Source version of your print on demand book
  • one ISBN for the Amazon KDP version of your print on demand book
  • one ISBN for your Amazon Kindle (mobi) book
  • one ISBN for your Smashwords (ePub) book

Do I get a credit for supplying my own ISBNs?

No. As ISBNs are a minor cost of production, and it takes us just as much time and a different set of steps to incorporate someone else’s ISBNs, we don’t offer credit for you supplying your own ISBNs.

Do I need to supply a barcode on my PoD book cover?

No – we will obtain one based on your book’s ISBN. We do, however, need to leave a space for a 2 inch by 1.2 inch white box in the lower right-hand corner of your book’s back cover for the barcode, so please bear this in mind when thinking about your cover design.

How much can I sell my ebooks for?

Ebooks are not like print books, and ebook readers do not like to pay print prices for ebooks. The beauty of ebooks is their reach – you now have access to more than 300 million people in the USA, more than 50 million people in the UK, and many millions more across Europe, India and Asia who are adopting ereading as a viable and convenient alternative to paper reading.

So, with such a potentially large audience and the ability to deliver your books quickly and efficiently at minimal cost, there is no need to charge print prices.

As the market has settled over the last decade, it seems that the most popular price range for a full length novel (around 100,000 words, sometimes more, sometimes less) is in the US$4.99 to $9.99 bracket. New authors tend to pitch lower to encourage people to give them a try, while more established authors with a ready market are able to charge a bit more.

If you have novella-length works (less than 50,000 words), then you’re best off releasing your works at US$0.99.

While that sounds cheap, don’t be disheartened. If no one has heard of you, then they’re going to need a reason to pay US$2.99 or more for a short work from an unknown author. Gather your audience, then with each new book you release, you can increase your prices.

It is, truly, so much better to sell 1,000 books at $0.99 than it is to sell 100 books at $10.00. The more people who get to experience and enjoy your book, the faster the word will spread, and the more easily you will establish an audience ready for your next piece of work.

If you’re releasing a non-fiction work, then research the ebook market and see what works on similar topics are retailing for. If the market is swamped but you’re one of the few writing in your genre and there’s not much out there, and you know there’s a hungry audience, you might like to pitch higher, towards the $9.99 mark. Jenny did once meet a man who happily paid $100 for an ebook because he knew the information it contained just wasn’t available anywhere else.

How much can I sell my print books for?

This will depend on whether they are black and white or colour inside, and how many pages they contain.

We will offer you a range of possible RRPs (Recommended Retail Price) when we format your book, giving you a rough idea of the sort of royalty you might expect depending on how you price your book, then let you decide how you would like to price it.

For a novel around 300-400 pages, or 100-150,000 words, an RRP of $20-30 is in the ball park.

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