What we do

In short, IndieMosh helps Australian authors self publish their books using 21st century print on demand and ebook technology to reach the widest audience while being mindful of the environmental impacts of publishing.

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What we don't do

We do a lot, but no business can do everything! For instance, we don’t pay the cost of developing and publishing your book. Click through below to find out what we don't do, to make sure you're not expecting something that we don't provide.

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It's ALMOST as easy as ...


Manuscript formatting and layout

We will take your manuscript, ‘nuke’ it to remove all ‘dirt’ from the file, and then lay it out in either Word or InDesign and format it (using styles to wrangle the text, any images and other elements) so that it looks like a ‘real’ book.

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Cover design and file creation

While book covers can be designed using a variety of different software programs, preparing a file which meets the expectations of print on demand publishers and ebook distributors is another kettle of fish altogether. We can take that pain away for you!

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Worldwide distribution for your book

Whether your title is an ebook or a print book, we use service providers who can make your title available to more than 40,000 retailers – online and ‘real world’ (i.e. bricks and mortar bookshops) around the world. Or, you can keep your title private if you prefer and just print as many copies as required.

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