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What is IndieMosh?

IndieMosh is a self publishing facilitator. On the spectrum, we sit between 'traditional publisher' and 'DIY publish job'.

Our main aim is to help Australian authors publish their books internationally. Everyone's got a book in them and it's a common bucket list item to get that masterpiece written and published. We want to help!

How do you self publish with IndieMosh?

To successfully self publish a book by yourself, you need all of the following items:

  • A manuscript (of course!)
  • Illustrations (where relevant)
  • Software to design your book layout and cover (such as Adobe InDesign)
  • A cover design and layout
  • Layout of your book's internals and cover for print
  • Formatting of your book's internals and cover for e-publishing
  • An American tax file number (ITIN)
  • An Amazon CreateSpace account
  • An IngramSpark account
  • An Amazon KDP account
  • A Smashwords account
  • Experience with a computer and the internet
  • A fair bit of patience!

IndieMosh can provide every single item on this list except one - your manuscript. Therefore, if you publish with us, your manuscript is all you have to provide! Layout and setup of your book is included in our package price, as is cover design.

And if you need any extras, such as manuscript assessment, editing, proofreading, image manipulation, indexing etc., then we have a raft of Experts you can call on for help.

High royalty rate, paid frequently

Finally, when you self publish through Amazon alone, you have to wait until your royalties hit US$100 before you're paid. For some authors this could take years. Because we have the royalties of all our authors channelled through our single Amazon account, we receive them much more frequently and therefore can distribute the payments much more quickly to you - any month that your personal royalties hit AUD$10, you'll be paid, straight into your bank or PayPal account.

The average traditional publisher might pay a 10% royalty on the list (retail) price of your book. Our royalties to you are minimum of 85% of net proceeds received in our account, after GST. Our theory is that as you're the one investing in your book, you should be the one to reap the bulk of the reward.

We understand this can be a confusing process and it's certainly a big decision. We've put some resources together to help you get a better idea of what you can use our services for. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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