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From science fiction to self-help and everything in between, here's every paperback and ebook we've been proud to publish. Please note that while we do provide cover design, only some of the covers here are ours - our authors are just as welcome to organise their own covers.

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We Must Wake Up: Tome 1: A notice to the Congolese nation: The time of change has come
Speaking to Hearts and Minds: Public Speaking to engage, energise and elevate for Government and Corporate Executives
Real Estate Agents Don't Sell Homes: What no real estate agent will ever tell you, but all home owners must know before selling
Bride of the City
Blessed in the Darkness
All the Birds of the Air: Stories of life, death ... and a little revenge
Amber Reins Fall
What is Your Answer for the Purpose of Your Existence?
Batavia: The Counterfeit Coin Conspiracy
Blue Mist Cafe
The Ancient Omen: The Arrival
In Gratitude to Pegasus
The Privacy of Art
My Butterfly
The Ties that Bind (The Wisdom Series)
Reflections: A Story of Friendship
Headoff Hedgehog meets Gertie Turtle
Thir Franthith Thnake: An Unauthorithed Biography
Corporate Days
narratorINTERNATIONAL Volume 2
Strategic Thinking Success
Meditating the Paranormal
OWL: One World League
treetop to treetop
Secrets of a Waterloo Baker - full colour edition
My Survival Guide to Love
POETRY out of the BOX
Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War: Volume 2
My Dark Companion: The long road back from PTSD, depression & the brink of suicide
Beyond Sun and Shadows
Cockblocked by Jesus
Guluya and the Lake Mungo Mystery
Reflective Supervision Toolkit
Seventeen Nights
Dreamology and Doctoring Your Dreams
I Look For You In Other Truths
The Dreaming Stones
The Deception Engine (Part Two)
A Glass Half Full
The Distant Kingdoms 5: The Centre of the Storm
Flying Blind: New and Selected Poetry 1985–2015
Sweet Dreams: A Tucker PI Novel
Participatory Business Planning
Black Dog Singing in the Dead of Night
Evolve: The Ecology of Life and Mind
Poetry to the MAX
The Hereafter and Supernatural
The Contest
The Nature of Love
The Hydrographer: The Clyde Steadman Story
The Echo of Silent Screams
The Spiv: The Robbie Sparrow Story
The Price of Eden
Nyarla and the Circle of Stones
The People Trafficker
Yellowstone Waits
The Other Woman
Pale n Hora Nigrum: Pale Death at the Black Line
Karma Drama: Reincarnation and Re-setting your Karma
Citizen Malfunction
Welcome to Outback Tours
Panic Stations along the Bi-Polar Express
The High School Survival Guide Journal
Dead: Welcome to the dark side of the moon
East-West Paranormality: Miracle experiences, yogins and adepts, psychics and spiritualists worldwide
Silent Sky
Artifice: An Ingenous Expedient
My Life in the Ragtrade: an honest snapshot of the golden days of the Australian clothing trade
Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War: Volumes One and Two (print only)
From Paris with Love
You Can Get Through This! How to stay positive when you're coping with breast cancer
The Distant Kingdoms 2: The Lord of the Northern Realm
The White Aborigine
Bones and Boots Meet the Princess
Screaming in Silence
2,000 Jews Walk Into a Bar
Impressment (Managers, Actors and Impressed Boys)
iridescence (finding your colours and living your story)
The Ricochet of Echoes
Partners in Time
The Book of Gates
The Windorah Job (Beneath the Red Dust Book 1)
From Behind the Machine
Sensuous and Other Astral Experiences Now!
Jeff Hopkins Gift Pack
not poems, just words
Polarity and Indecision
Paddling Down the Darling
Bittersweet Symphony
Writings, Poetry, Play
To Save a King
Wisdom Beyond Her Years (The Wisdom Series)
Tom Tuff to the Rescue
Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War: Why the Kennedy Assassination Should Be Reinvestigated
Remixed Relics: Slippery Tales of Transformation
Peru: the Beautiful, the Mystical and the Ugly
No Bigger Mistake
The Distant Kingdoms 3: The Angels of War
An Insider's Guide to Getting the Best out of the Health System
Home Grown Enemy (Team Blake pt 2)
Our Society, Our Planet
Burnished: Burnside Life Stories
Fire in the Heart
Chade (Book Three in the Elemental Paladins series)
Jet's Story: Finding My Forever Home
Home Soil (Team Blake pt 1)
Paladin (Book Two in the Elemental Paladins Series)
Two Buttons
Secrets of a Waterloo Baker - black and white edition
Love Songs and Other Weirdness
Behind Their Eyes: a collection of perspectives
Over the Edge
Millie's Angel
Stop Doing That!
School Life: Sorted!
The Red Door
Playing in the Puddles
Jesus – My Joy: Poems of hope and encouragement
The Trouble with Daleks
Headoff Hedgehog and the Lampshade Aunt
Reflective Practice in Supervision
Pie Square
Gnarl: A Sword and Sandals Allegory
Self-Help Psychotherapy
Dreamology and Doctoring Your Dreams Gift Pack - book and 2 CDs
Escarpment: Fibonacci Poetry
Headoff Hedgehog and the Emergency Department
The Seventh Veil
My Patch: the life of Reginald Smithers, a village policeman.
Enmeshed (The Wisdom Series)
Gorinjas: The beginning
narratorAUSTRALIA Volume Two
Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success
Feisty, Fabulous and 50 Plus: 21 women share their candid and compelling stories
narratorINTERNATIONAL Volume 1
narratorAUSTRALIA Volume Three
Creatures of Eve
Laughter Tears Peace
Henry T Dalrymple and the Golden Eye of Huni
Chattels of Eve: Book 2 of The Eve Continuum
Bedroom Short Stories for Discerning Adults, Vol 1
The Heaving Pavement: Epistles on an anxious life
Hither and Thither: tales of a constant traveller
Clouds and Sunshine
The Bi-Polar Express: Ride the Life and Death Roller-coaster of Mania and Depression with Mother and Daughter
Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication
Getaway to Down Under: A truth-based psychological thriller
Once Upon a Record: A very musical autobiography
The Amazing Adam and Big Bad Bruno
The Story Fixer
Where did the Sneeze Go?
Essence of Time
Beaut Little Tree
The High School Survival Guide
Art and the Drug Addict's Dog
Kenney Kookaburra's Lost Laugh
Bright Yellow Happiness
Sir Donald Bradman: Australian Champion Cricketer (The Legends Series)
The Bunya-nut Games: Booburrgan Ngmmunge
narratorAUSTRALIA Volume Four
Self publishing for Australian authors: What you need to have, know and do
The Spell of Possibility (A Herald Hounds Adventure)
Take You to Hell (The Everett Files Book 2)
The Thai Wife
Eco Ethics
Dark Web
It's a Long Way to Aunty May
narratorINTERNATIONAL Volume Three
Vampire Cities
Ozzy the Down Under Reindeer: Christmas in the Bush
The Vanishing: The Rainbow Serpent's Dance
The Spear Thrower
Alice and Me: An Alice Springs Experience
The Friends of Frog Hollow
Dream Hunter
Lifeboat 7
Yes! You CAN write your own copy!
The Adventures of E Coli
You can Beat the Binge!: Conquer the fear of losing control and lose weight for life
Walking Between Two Worlds: From the known to the unknown
Fethafoot Chronicles Gift Pack
The Way We Think - Step Reasoning & Stage Reasoning
Paris in Black
Drifting Down the Darling
The Campbelltown Convicts
Whimsical Verse
Science in the Real World: A simplified story of how technology using chemistry and physics is used in the real world of industry
Driftwood: An anthology of works by members of the Mackay-Pioneer Valley Arts Council Writers Group
A Beautiful Boy: Ray's Story
A Journey of Pride: Mauritius to Melbourne
12 Annoying Monsters: self-talk for kids with anxiety
Running Over a Chinaman
Who Caught the Yawn?
narratorAUSTRALIA Volume One
Loki's Joke
A Cat's Tale: of murderous mystery
Warden (Book One in the Elemental Paladins Series)
Rocking Horse Rider
The Reluctant Man: How fighting transgender for 60 years influenced my life
The Shadow of His Hand: Book One of the Markulian Prophecies
The Deception Engine (Part One)
Galku's Revenge
Benedict Lovelace and the Travelling Show
The Curse of Aggie Muldoon
Ancient Tide
Billy Bowerbird's Quest (a story from Waratah Glen)
The Distant Kingdoms 4: Under Wounded Skies
Old World ... New World: From a picnic at La Perouse to the Western Front
The Song of the Ivory Box
Butterflies of a Brief Summer: Memoires - Les Souvenirs Sont Faits de Tels Moments
'Sneeze and Yawn' as a two-in-one print book
Take You Home (The Everett Files Book 3)
Five Days in Corfe
Afterlife; My Amazing Two-Way Contacts With
Take You Apart
The Distant Kingdoms 1: The Beyonders
Deus Ex Machina Publicum