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Doug E Diamond

Doug E Diamond

genres: action, adventure, military

I left school at the age of fifteen and commenced my trade as a panel beater. Nine years later I joined the Australian Army where I enjoyed many magnificent years. I've had a short foray into life as a quarantine inspector, tried my hand at running a couple of small businesses, and worked for a major energy supplier. I'm a rugby league fan and support the North Queensland Cowboys. I love to play golf and I don't mind a beer on any day that ends in 'Y'. Back in the day, I certainly found my fair share of strife; mostly just 'boys being boys' type stuff. I am happily married with two grown up children and I currently reside in North Queensland. Some people have asked how I pieced this story together. If I had to give a rough estimate, I would say it's one third life experience and personal knowledge, one third research, and one third vivid imagination. At this stage, HOME SOIL (Team Blake pt1) is intended to be the first book in a five part series. Happy Reading, Doug

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