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Jennifer Mosher

Jennifer Mosher

genres: books for children, business, communication

I started my working life as a part-time deli hand in my last year at school, then progressed to full-time legal clerking while studying accountancy. In my mid-forties I finally saw the light and, after studying for my Diploma in Editing and Proofreading, jumped from accounting to editing, from numbers to words, and have never been happier!

I belong to the first cohort of Australian editors to pass the IPEd Accreditation Exam (2008), and over the past few years have focused on developing MoshPit Publishing, narratorINTERNATIONAL), IndieMosh and One Thousand Words Plus - all providing publishing and marketing opportunities for Australian and international established and emerging writers.

In 2012 I finally released my own two children's stories: Who Caught the Yawn? and Where Did the Sneeze Go? In 2013 these were republished in the two-in-one book, along with epub and Kindle versions.

Technology, painting, family, family history, travel and walking along the beach (I live in the mountains, so the beach is special!) are what I live for. But I work because I enjoy seeing books come to life - either in print or as ebooks. If it means someone is reading, then it's a good day.

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