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J-L Heylen

J-L Heylen

genres: sci-fi, steampunk, lesbian fiction

J-L Heylen is a quirky antipodean who writes speculative fiction, science fiction and Steampunk with a smattering of gender politics and left-leaning ideals. She lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, with her wife and dogs.

Note I mentioned the wife before the dogs, there. I hope dog-lovers will understand why I did that.

Having now published her first in a new series of books in the Steampunk genre, with gender-blending hero Phyllida Thorn, and her companion, Mrs Hilary Templestowe, J-L is half way through Part Two of 'The Deception Engine'. Look out for The Deception Engine - Part Two on Amazon later in 2013.

Catch up with other writing exploits via J-L's blog - or through Facebook
You can also watch J-L Heylen's video presentation on eBook and self-publishing on YouTube.

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